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Why Drink Rosé?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Rosé has come a long way...find out why we love to drink pink.

A wine for summertime in the South is ideally a foil for the heat, while simultaneously acting as a complement for the multitude of expressive seasonal flavors issuing from countless backyard gardens and roadside stands.

There is—quite simply—no wine that accomplishes this feat more easily or deliciously than dry rosé.

We're not talking the sweet headache-inducers that plagued fridges across America in the 80s and 90s (remember white zin?). We're talking the timeless pale pink delicacies from the old country that have acted as a flavorful panacea to the hottest, longest days in southern regions across the globe.

The good news is that #rosé has been the fastest growing category in wine for the last decade or so, which means an unimaginably larger selection. The more ambivalent news is that among that vast proliferation are plenty of people simply jumping on the bandwagon with forgettable, watery wines.

At Cork and Cap, we have no incentive to sell wines we don't love, so you can shop with confidence, and know that every pink beauty that hits our shelves is something that we wouldn't hesitate to put on our own table. We can’t wait to open our doors (SOON!) so we can guide you through the different styles and applications of this most joyful expression of the warmer months.

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