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Cork & Cap
Custom Wine Tastings & Parties


Introducing personalized tasting experiences from Cork & Cap! Just choose your preferred package, and we’ll put together a fun and informative tasting event. Whether it’s to kick off a special dinner party, or just an easy way to get friends together for low-maintenance good times, we can tailor our packages to meet your specific needs. 


Wine Tasting in the Garden

 Cost starts at $35 per person, min. 5 people. Come to Cork & Cap's outdoor garden and enjoy a personalized wine tasting. We select up to five wines, some perfectly paired nibbles, and guide you through a tasting. We can tailor this to include preferred varieties or exclude wines you know you dislike, but we do encourage an openness to new things, as that’s where half the fun is! This experience lasts about an hour. 


Wine Social

$20/person, minimum 10 people.

Perfect for larger, casual, social gatherings! We select up to four wines and provide a short intro to the wines for you and your party to enjoy at your leisure. We provide ice, glassware, cocktail napkins and light snacks. Additional snacks available for purchase and outside food is welcome. Think: Ladies Night Out, Donor Thank You Party, Product Launch, Work Happy Hour, Holiday Party, Corporate Party. Up to 2 hours. 


Wine Tasting in Home

We come to your outdoor space! We provide the wine, snacks, and glassware, and you relax and enjoy yourself! We help you choose up to 5 wines for up to 10 people, and lead you through an immersive, “seminar-style” exploration of the evening’s wines.  $75/person and a minimum charge of $500 that is all-inclusive (wine, food, tasting). This experience is typically between 2 and 3 hours. Must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance. Let us choose the wines or pick a subject you and your guests want to learn more about!  

No matter what package you choose, we’ll work with you to create an event that fits your interests and taste. Love Italy or Spain? No problem. Want to do all Reds? We can do that! Click below to send a message to James, our head wine educator, to get started!

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